The One Feeling Every Customer Wants... To Feel Special

For years I have read thousands of reviews and stories about service experiences that were a complete WOW or an epic failure. Of those experiences where a customer became a raving fan of a brand, they all had one thing in common... They made the customer feel special.

I have spent the week in Montreal working with a client, and before my arrival at the W Hotel in Montreal where I was staying, the concierge team sent me an email asking me to "Go ahead and spoil us with every detail our team could use to personalize your stay. Whatever/Whenever®, just ask." So being in the experience business, I simply wrote that I was addicted to Diet Coke and Sprite Zero and was going to miss seeing my two pups while traveling to multiple cities this week. Now often these emails get sent and never get actioned on, but major kudos to the Concierge team at the W Montreal, as this is what I saw once I got to my room...

To me there was no other way to feel special than to see my two fur children looking at me after hours on a plane. To the team behind this, Mireille, Thomas and Viviane, round of applause to you! It speaks volumes to the passion you and your colleagues have in delivering an exceptional experience to your Guests. Thank you for making me feel special. You better believe I told this story to my clients all week!

The takeaway here is while using data to curate customer journeys and experiences is important, so is ensuing that the biggest driver of customer satisfaction is built into the experience and that is emotion. Let us help you curate more emotion based customer experiences that will have your customers leaving raving fans!


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