Customer & Employee Journey Mapping

Journeys begin as soon as we interact with a brand. Whether it’s the customer’s journey or your employees’ success depends on your ability to visualize what that journey is going to look, feel, and act like. 


Today’s customers and your present and future employees are better-informed than ever before, and as a result, their behaviors are more complex. Journey mapping applies elements of psychology and leverages technology to guide the way to the desired outcome, but it’s the human experience that really matters. 


Communications should feel seamless, consistent, and relevant. Your communication and contact strategy should deliver an engaging, on-brand experience that keeps your subjects moving forward towards their ultimate goal. 


From first inspiration to research, engagement, and on through the in-house experience and beyond, journey mapping ensures that the way forward leads to the destination and elevates the experience along the way. 


Customer & Employee Experience Strategy Design

Understanding the fundamental desires of your customers and employees is the first step in designing and strategizing an unforgettable and engaging experience. A well-designed experience delivers incredible benefits, both in the short-term and in the bigger picture. 


A well-designed customer experience strategy provides a reliable framework that assures quality and consistency through every interaction. When a customer engages with your brand, insights are gained that help you fine-tune the experience with a data-driven approach. 


The employee experience is no different, as it is critical in the effort to attract and retain top talent. From first engagement to the application, interview, onboarding, through their tenure and beyond, the experience you offer speaks volumes about what kind of an employer you are. 


Designing a strategy involves defining each actionable step and interaction to ensure a consistently positive experience. We examine each step, in detail, putting the customer or employee at the center of the decision-making process and positioning them as the architect of their own success. 


Customer & Employee Feedback Programs and Strategy

Feedback is critical to a positive customer and employee experience. The data and insights generated from this feedback help you identify areas of improvement, providing a way forward, and informing your strategy. 


Some of the benefits of feedback programs include:

  • Insight. Feedback programs help you gain a better understanding of how interactions with your brand and personnel affect the journey.

  • Engagement. Soliciting feedback from customers and employees encourages engagement and builds trust.

  • Retention. Employees feel valued and connected to the process when they can share ideas openly.

  • Loyalty. When customers and employees feel their opinions are valued, it improves their view of and commitment to the brand.

  • Revenue. A positive brand image increases approval and supports marketing strategy.

  • Performance. Feedback allows you to identify areas of development, leading to process improvement and enhanced performance. 

  • Economy. Lower the cost of recovering from various setbacks by asking your stakeholders what they see as the way forward. 

To go beyond expectations, feedback is essential. But it’s how you ask for it and what you do with it that delivers the results. 


Keynote Speaking

Greg J. Chase is a leader in the luxury hospitality industry and was recently named one of the Top Ten Most Influential Individuals in Customer Experience and Customer Loyalty. A respected and passionate leader, Greg’s efforts have touched the lives of more than 87,000 employees and millions of hotel guests around the world. 


An experienced keynote speaker, Greg has delivered presentations for thousands of conference attendees. Recent clients include top global brands such as Interior Design Magazine, Medallia, Inc, MGM Resorts International, the International Luxury Hotel & Lodging Association, and the Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association.


The hospitality industry is currently experiencing unprecedented change. As companies struggle to find the way forward, expert guidance and informed insights are essential to business continuity. 


Reach out today to learn more about booking Greg as a keynote speaker for your event. 


Pre-Opening/Re-Opening/Process Improvement Operations Feedback Strategy

We work with hospitality companies, tech companies, and residential living companies to craft strategies that maximize the potential for their long-term strategic success. 


Leveraging feedback and academic research, we bring rich insights to the forefront to assist our clients in developing their pre-opening and re-opening strategy, assuring a strong re-engagement with their customers and employees.


In times of uncertainty, it is critical to examine every possible angle to ensure you are prepared for the inevitable questions and concerns that your customers and employees will have. Questions are anticipated, and the ideal responses and processes are prepared in advance and ready to deploy.


Our team will work closely with you to understand your business, your customers, your culture, and your brand to ensure you have a strategy for success in place well before your doors open.


Customer Research Interests

Identifying and defining your ideal customer is just as important as the customer journey itself. Knowing your customers ensures that your brand messaging is relevant and appropriate, maximizing your efforts and supporting your marketing initiatives. 


Customer research helps us identify and segment your audience and better understand their needs and behaviors. It can be applied to a brand, a product, or an industry, and will help you recognize opportunities you can then leverage to improve customer engagement and drive revenues. 


We apply a combination of practical experience and academic research to bring our customers the most accurate and detailed interpretation of their audience, both current and aspirational. 


Our research focuses on aspects that include demographics, behaviors, and motivators, leveraging market research techniques, and years of experience to assure a highly detailed and timely result.


Customer Service Training Design, Development & Delivery

Customer service is the single, most crucial differentiator when we gauge one company against its competition, but it’s never a one-and-done undertaking. There are basic tenets in customer care, but as your level of service elevates, your policies, processes, and training must evolve along with it. 


A successful customer service training program assures excellence and invites confidence and brand loyalty, each a vital element in the effort to ensure profitability, retain top talent and achieve both your short-and-long-term goals.